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The head of security for America's airports is told to pack his bags

THE angry mobs that now comprise the endless security lines at America’s airports at least have the satisfaction of seeing the first head roll.

Earlier this week, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) replaced its security chief after a tumultuous three years on the job that were peppered with embarrassments for the agency, although no actual big security breaches. Kelly Hoggan (pictured) became the TSA’s assistant secretary for security operations in May 2013. In an e-mail to employees, the agency announced that he would be replaced on an acting basis by his deputy, Darby LaJoye.

While the TSA has come under recent fire for long queues that are only expected to lengthen as the summer travel season begins, the the most damning indictment of Mr Hoggan’s team came last year. In June, it was reported that screeners had failed to detect explosives and weapons in 67 of 70 cases when agents posing as passengers had attempted to sneak them on to planes. Despite those…Continue reading

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